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IV Fluids

Service Description

Intravenous fluid therapy involves the intravenous administration of crystalloid solutions and, less commonly, colloidal solutions. The type, amount, and infusion rates of fluids are determined based on the indication for fluid therapy and specific patient needs. Crystalloid solutions are used to resuscitate patients who are hypovolemic or dehydrated, correct free water deficits, replace ongoing fluid losses, and meet the fluid requirements of patients who cannot take fluids enterally. The use of colloidal solutions is controversial and should be reserved for special situations (e.g., severe cases of low oncotic pressure). All patients should be closely monitored using a combination of clinical parameters and laboratory tests to determine therapeutic endpoints, and fluid therapy should be appropriately de-escalated for patients in recovery to avoid fluid overload.

Contact Details

  • No.24, 2nd Avenue, Annanagar West, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040, India

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